Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Friday, December 19, 2008

My last day =(

Today is my last day home with Makenzie. I start working full time at the office again on Monday. I have mixed emotions about it. Part of me is ready. I'm ready to get things back to normal around here. I can't live in this little fairy tale world where I'm a SAHM forever. Everyone kind of needs to get on a schedule and get used to how things are going to be. And part of me is actually ready to get back to my job, although I know I'll regret saying that by 10:00 on Monday.

And the other part of me is hurting so badly. My heart is just breaking to leave my little girl. I've enjoyed my time with her so much and I'm really going to miss it. I'm going to miss cuddling with her in my bed in the morning and taking our 2:00 nap together. I'm going to miss playing with her all day and just seeing her smiling face all day long. I'm just going to miss everything about her! I was telling Art lastnight that I remember my first week home alone with her and how the days used to go so slow. I used to count down the minutes for him to get home. Now the days go so fast! He comes home and I can't believe it's 6:00 already!

Thankfully she doesn't start at the babysitters until January 5th. My office is closed Thursday and Friday for the next two weeks so I'm only working 2 1/2 days and my Mom and Art have taken the rest of the days off to stay with her. I think if I had to deal with starting work and having her start at the babysitters on Monday I'd be a total wreck right now!!!

But like I said, it's time! I've been home for almost 5 months and I am just so thankful that I was able to take this much time off with her. She must have known it was our last week home together because Wednesday she gave me a little surprise and rolled onto her side. She's so darn cute!

On a side note, yesterday was one year since we found out we were expecting! How different your life can be in 1 year!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Makenzie's Christening

Last Sunday, 11/16, was Makenzie's Christening. Everything was great and our little girl had such a nice day. Her uncle Rod and cousin Ariana came in from Florida for the weekend and finally got to meet her. We had a nice weekend with them. Saturday we took Ariana to the mall to take a picture with Santa. My sister-in-law says the Santa's in Florida look horrible! Ariana went up to Santa and talked to him but when it was time to sit on his lap she started crying so that never happened. Kenzie got her picture taken though! She just woke up so she wasn't smiling but she always looks cute =)

Sunday everything went nicely. Art and I took Makenzie upstairs and got her dressed. She wore the Christening gown that I wore. My Grandmother made it out of my Mother's wedding dress so it was very very special. It was a little cold so we didn't get to walk down to the church like I wanted but that's ok, we were running a little late anyway. The ceremony was very nice and the priest was great! My in-laws loved him because he's Irish...LOL! Art's sister Karen was nice enough to host the party afterwards at her and John's house. She put on a great spread as usual and Art & I were very greatful! It would have been crazy trying to get the house ready for the party on top of everything else. Everyone was so very generous and once again we were reminded on how lucky we are to be surrounded by such loving friends and family.

Makenzie is doing great! She's getting bigger and bigger every day. She's being VERY good to Mommy and sleeping 9 to 5:30-6 every night. She's been doing that for the last few weeks. After she gets up and takes her bottle she's not quite ready to go back to bed yet so she lays in her cradle and "talks" like a mad woman! Then she gets tired so she lays in bed with me and we sleep for about an hour more. It's great! I love snuggling with her.

She got her first cold. When Ariana was here she had a bad cold. Turns out she has pneumonia! Well the Thursday after they left Makenzie started to get a stuffy nose. By Friday she was real congested so I called the doctor. He said to just use a humidifier at night, an aspirator and saline drops if she needs it. If she gets a fever or a cough to call him again. Well Sunday she had a really bad day! She developed such a bad cough. My poor little girl was so congested she couldn't sleep and she was only eating half of her bottles so she was probably hungry and tired. There is nothing worse than seeing your little helpless child sick and there's nothing you can do for them! It broke my heart to see her like that. I took her to the doctor on Monday and he said it was an upper respiratory infection and to just do what we're doing. She'll have the cough for a week or a little more but she'll be fine. She's doing MUCH better now.

She's started to laugh so much! The other day she actually laughed out loud! It was the cutest thing ever!!! We're trying to give her enough time on her playmat so she can learn to roll over but we're not there yet.

We also celebrated Makenzie's first Thanksgiving this past Thursday. We had a very nice day. We usually host Thanksgiving but I thought it would be too much this year so my in-law's had it. It was a nice day as usual.

Yesterday she was 3 months old! I can't believe how much she's changed already in just 3 months. I started to pack up her newborn clothes today. That made me sad. It feels like just yesterday she fit into them. Anyway, I'm packing them away just in case baby #2 is a girl too.

Well I think that brings everything up to date. I will try to post more often but I can't promise anything. Once a month is good right???

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 month check up!

We just got back from Makenzie's 2 month check up. She's doing great!!! At her last visit (2 weeks old) she was 7lbs 7oz and 19in. Today she's 11lbs 8 oz and 22 1/4in!!! My little girl is getting soooo big! She got 4 shots today and she did really good. She cried (and broke Mommy's heart) but by the time I was done getting her dressed she was smiling and cooing again. The doctor says she's doing wonderful and whatever Art & I are doing, keep it up! That made me feel good since this is our first time at this parenting thing =)

Now we're just going to relax until it's time to go to her first Halloween party at 4:00. I'll be sure to post lots of pics tomorrow. Here's her two month shot:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

8 Weeks!!!

Today Makenzie is 8 weeks! 8 weeks?!?!?! I can't believe my little girl is almost 2 months. The time is going so fast. Today is my last day of disability which means if I wasn't going to start working from home I'd have to go back to work on Monday! I can't even imagine. She's still so young but she's getting bigger every day. She's holding up her head so well and her legs are getting stronger every day. I try to put her down for tummy time but she really hates it. She'll only last about 2-5 minutes. She stays awake longer now and is really alert! She's "talking" up a storm and smiles all day long. It melts my heart when I look at her and say hello and she just smiles and laughs. God I love her so much!!!

I'm actually looking forward to start working a little from home on Monday. It'll keep me busy. Not that she doesn't keep me busy but this will get me away from the TV! I watch every reality and talk show there is! It's gotten so bad I DVR The People's Court. Can you believe that????

We're also getting ready for her Christening on November 16th. My brother and Ariana are coming up from Florida and I'm so excited for it! My brother hasn't met his Goddaughter yet and he tells me everyday that he can't wait to see her. I can't wait to see Makenzie and Ariana together! There will be some pretty cute pictures to take =)

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm so blessed!

I haven't been able to write in a while. Miss Makenzie is keeping me busy! I'm typing this as she is sound asleep on my chest. I promise to try to post more often about how she's doing and how she's changed!

I have been a little emotional in the last few days/weeks so brace yourselves because this may end up being a mushy post...LOL! Having Makenzie has really made me look around at what I have in my life and appreciate everything and everyone around me so much more. My Husband, my Mother, my Friends and Family, I've honestly seen everyone in a different light.

As I've already stated numerous times, my husband is an amazing man and I am damn lucky to have met him. After 9 years together I love him more at this moment in my life than I ever have. To see him as a Father and to watch him with Makenzie honestly brings tears to my eyes. The way he plays with her, the way he holds her, the way she instantly falls asleep when she puts her head on his chest. Probably because she feels safe and loved just the way I do when I'm in his arms. It's beautiful to see a grown man absolutely melt at the sight of his daughter. I could watch the two of them for hours. He's also been so amazing to me. I can't believe how much he has changed. He's doing so much more for me since I'm busy with Makenzie. The other day he scrubbed the bathroom for me, even the toilet! Now that's love...LOL!!! Most of all he's been extra loving and caring to me, which at some points I really need because I get overwhelmed and get very emotional. I honestly don't know what I'd do without him. The other night when we were on our date he gave me a necklace with a pendant. It's a square with Makenzie's birthstone and a diamond on top of it. I love it! It's beautiful and it meant so much to me!

I also couldn't do this without my Mother. Wow, she been amazing to both me and Arthur. She is so much more than my Mother, she's my best friend, my rock. She gets me through a lot and helps us so much. Art always makes comments about how much he appreciates having my Mother around. I only wish I can be to Makenzie what she is to me. She is truly inspiring to me.

And my friends. I have to say I've fallen in love with each of them all over again, especially Alli & Jill. The way they are there for me and the way they love my daughter is beautiful. I cherish them all so much and am so happy that, after all these years, they are still in my life.

And of course my in-laws. They have always been great to me but to see them react to Makenzie is so sweet. I love to see my father-in-law with her. He just can't get enough of her and if he could he'd hold her 24 hours a day. Karen has been wonderful and is always coming over to see her! Even Sweetie Pie is fascinated with her! But I'll never forget the way Patrick reacted to her the first time he saw her in the hospital. It's a side I never thought I'd see from him.

It is so amazing to see how one little girl can bring so much happiness to so many people. I feel so blessed every day that I get to wake up every day (and every night!) to her beautiful, smiling face. She will only be 7 weeks tomorrow and I feel like she's grown so much. Her personality is starting to come out now and it's so fun to see. She is a true miracle, an absolute angel! I have a love in my heart for her that I can never explain. Arthur & I were sitting on the couch the other night with Makenzie and I looked at them both and said "I have never been as happy as I am at this moment in my life!" It just can't get any better than this!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's been a while!

Makenzie and I are doing great! The end of last week she started getting real gassy and she looked so uncomfortable. I tried Mylicon drops and they helped a little but she still looked like she was in so much pain when she tried to pass gas. So on Saturday I decided to switch her formula. I was reading reviews of the Enfamil Lipil and a lot of people said it made their child gassy because of the amount of iron in it. So we switched her to Similac and over the last few days you can tell she's been better. She's been sleeping pretty good. She has her longest stretch of sleep at night. She'll take a bottle at about 8 and when she falls asleep she won't wake up until 1 or 2 a.m. After that she's up every 3 hours which isn't bad at all. She isn't sleeping much during the day though. She'll fall asleep on me and when I try to move her to her pack n play, her swing or her bouncy seat she'll either sleep for only 30 minutes or she'll wake up right away so it's been tough trying to get things done around the house with her not sleeping. BUT there is hope! I just got the Moby wrap and it's wonderful. I can carry her around and still have both my hands. What a wonderful invention!!

Art & I are doing good. I must admit the beginning was tough. It took us a while to adjust and get into a routine with the two of us but I think we got a handle on it now. We're going on a date next Saturday! Art says it's important that we have some alone time and not neglect our relationship so Nana is going to watch the baby and he's taking me out! How cute is he?

Sunday my little girl will be a month already! I just can't believe it! I know they say it goes quick but my God that was too fast! She's becoming so alert! When we put her in her swing and put her mobile on with the twinkling lights she looks up at the lights. She's smiling like crazy and she's starting to make little coo noises. She's doing great with her head too. She can hold it up for just a little while. We've been putting her on her tummy time mat so she can practice and get stronger. She looks so much like her father though! I couldn't see it at first but I see it now! It's so funny, she's totally a mini-Arthur...LOL!

Being a Mother is such a wonderful thing! It is one of the most rewarding gifts! I sometimes just sit and stare at her and try to take it all in and it amazes me. I'm amazed that she's my daughter and that I'm a Mother and I'm amazed that my Husband and I created such a perfect little girl. I'm so incredibly happy and in love right now!!!